Free Bypass Remove Lumia Reset Protection Recovery Key

On this page we have contained simple and easy Guide on how to bypass/removeLumia Reset Protection Recovery Key (RPRK) this protection also knowns called different names, this can be Lumia FRP or Window Antitheft. e.t.c. Reset Protection helps you secure a device in case it is stolen. It must be enabled on the device during manufacturing time. We will be taking you to the simple guide to get your Lumia/Windows phone out of the lock protection.

Need to know more about Lumia rest protection recovery key?. Please refer to Windows reset protect Faq

Guide on how to bypass/removeLumia Reset Protection Recovery Key

  • Download and Extract Bypass FRP Lumia Reset Protection Recovery key.rar from here 
    make sure you have installed necessary Lumia drivers and the Drivers found in the File you downloaded above link.
  • Copy the Reset_protection_Lumia folder into the C/ drive on your computer as you see in below image.
  • Open iutool inside Reset_Protection_Lumia Folder on C:\Reset_protection_Lumia\iutool,  press and hold the shift key on your PC, and right-click on the root of the folder, click Open command window here as you can see in the below image.
  • Connect your windows Lumia Phone to the Computer, make sure windows drivers are correctly installed.
  • Copy this code below:  and paste it on the command prompt and press Enter↵. See screenshot below:
iutool -v -p C: \ cabs
  • Now, wait for the magic. this might show errors. don’t be worried ignore and reboot the Phone.
  • have successfully bypass Bypass FRP Lumia Reset Protection Recovery key.